Civil Construction

The construction industry has built up strong but siloed expertise around specialized areas of the business, including preconstruction, project management, estimating, equipment management, and field operations. The standard industry software serves each domain well, however, it lacks application and data integration. We provide an efficient, fast, and cost-effective path to fully integrate and get the most out of the software you have already purchased and the data you should own down, to the “last mile”!

Rental Companies

The rental business seems simple: buy the machines; rent the machines; after use – clean-up, do the maintenance and re-rent; but there is a lot more to it. When should we buy what machines? When they come to our yard how do we get them into rental condition as fast as possible etc.? Incus5 can help with all these questions by working through the problems you already know you have! We do fixed- price projects with ROI typically less than a year. Our single process automation project is a great place to start. It combines the Data, People, and Applications to improve one major process in an intuitive easy to use user interface that makes work go a lot faster.


Labor cost is going up, employee turnover is increasing, and positions go unfilled. Best way to compensate for this is to make your current employees more productive. The quickest and most effective method to accomplish this outcome is with the integration of the software you already own. Currently, Incus5’s most popular integration, for dealers, is the integration of their Telematics System and their ERP software. This simple and quick integration will save labor and improve operations.

Demos and Case Studies