Make Innovation Happen and Permanently Lower Operating Costs

Incus5 provides custom software and integration solutions to deliver cost-effective, high impact, technology programs to clients around the world


We Accelerate Project Completion

We advance important deadlines with high-velocity teams. Our turnkey solution inserts a senior team of dedicated and shared resources to get projects done.

We Get Innovation Validated and Rolled Out

Innovation takes proof of value and a solid understanding of cost. Our RDVS builds a census of what to build, while our development teams build the real MVP to test with pilot customers.

We Get Payback Early and Often

We structure work so that businesses can realize meaningful value each quarter. We sequence projects together with a unifying architecture and approach to get customers continuous payback even during a multiyear Digital Transformation program.

We Increase the Value of the Best People

We turn trusted employees into prolific value creators. We start by automating their labor, so they have time to help the company create more value. Next, we do mentoring, architecture, design, integration, coding and support to make their visions a reality.


Accelerated Outsourcing

Staff augmentation bundled with proven methodologies; project management; application development, IT, & security architecture with team leadership.

Architectural Services

General Application & IT consulting. including consulting support, subject matter experts & sales engineering. Paid engagements related to application solutions & integration. General IT planning, road mapping & execution planning. Special engagements, such as paid POCs.

Custom Development & Data Integration

Platform, application & integration development. Full development life cycle from concept through design, development, refinement, hosting and long-term support and enhancement. Full Data and
System integrations work. Cloud-first development, tech debt retiring (Refactoring & Rewriting).

Managed Services

Full production hosting & support. Cloud focused talent Managed solution that lets companies keep data in sync between one system and another. Application maintenance and support maintained by SLA’s, providing long-term support with periodic enhancements. Extraordinary low turnover with proven methodologies & leadership.

Digital Products

Built on market demand, compelling solutions developed through our deep interaction with our customers are published through established marketplaces, such as AWS or Shopify, and red-hot new marketplaces of specialized OEM and SaaS companies.


Alignment: We start with alignment. Alignment means speed, because you eliminate all the work that is not important to the business, while getting proper support from our customers. Our alignment starts in sales, where a triple verification process is built into the methodology. Next, our agile processes focus on customer feedback, and objective based statements of work, tied to business outcomes, guide us through delivery.

Asset-Based: All our products and services are built using our unique asset-based approach. Our applications are built in a layer cake fashion, using the huge base of technology services in the cloud. Think of these as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Technical Services Legos or Digital Building Blocks. We then build upon those services with Incus5 Digital Building Blocks. Think of these as Incus5 Business Service Legos, to move very fast, very fast. This allows customers to drive innovation and permanently lower operating costs.

100% Solution: When we start a new project, upwards of 60 percent of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can be done even before we even start. With many SaaS solutions, it can be common to meet this threshold and beyond, but it is difficult to get to 100%. Incus5 asset-based layer cake approach, rigorous alignment processes and white glove services get you over the finish line. 100% solutions also must in include support after the solution has been deployed. Our white glove service continues with full life cycle support. Busy organizations benefit from these white glove services which are necessary to provide the value to the business and improve the user experience.


Monetize an Acquisition faster

We have teams, specialized processes, and models to absorb companies post acquisition much faster. All but the newest companies will have some technology debt. Companies who have grown from mergers and acquisitions will have the most. Getting the acquired company on your systems as quickly as possible, and eliminating their tech debt, will speed up absorption.

Finish Product Roadmaps faster

If you are a software or hardware company, getting what you already know your customers want into production faster can support a smaller sales budget while increasing sales. All market leaders understand “market fit” in their verticals, and the special features demanded by their best customers. Trick for the products and platforms is getting them into product fast. This drives more revenue from new sales and customer retention, meaning sales and marketing can run leaner and get better results.


Executive Strategy and Leadership

Art Hansen


Art Hansen joined Incus5, Inc. as the President & CEO. Art has been leading IT transformation activities for over 20 years as an architect, developer, and consultant. Previously, he worked as a Principal Architect for World Wide Technology, a global system integrator. Within that role, he led Digital Transformation initiatives, which included comprehensive aspects of Cloud, Data, Applications, and Security. Art is a former award-winning IBM developer who created applications for large enterprises, including UPS. Mr. Hansen was also responsible for process improvement and innovation as a lead architect in IBM’s application migration factory. Art has also been involved with several entrepreneurial ventures, including founding a medical staffing company and an IT consulting firm.

Mr. Hansen graduated from Drew University with a degree in Economics. He completed his post graduate studies at American College, where he was awarded the Charter Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation. Art is a former Microsoft certified developer (MSCD). In addition, he is an experienced facilitator with a Helix Group facilitator license and an AJ & Smart Design Sprint 2.0 Masterclass Certificate. He is presently the Co-Chairman of the Arizona Cyber Team future tech sub-committee, which was established by the executive order of Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, to respond to growing cyber opportunities and threats. He has been a featured panelist at the Arizona Technology Council Cybersecurity Summit 2019, as well as the Annual Cyber Southwest (CSW) Symposium at the University of Arizona Eller College of Management. Art resides in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife and two children. In his free time, he enjoys golfing and backpacking.

Mac McKeen


Mac McKeen, Chief Technology Officer, is at the forefront of Incus5’s technology leadership. He is accountable for leading and facilitating enterprise architecture, management consulting, application architecture design, and directly managing Incus5’s off-shore development teams. He is world class in facilitating Domain Driven Design and connecting software solutions to key business objectives.

Prior to joining Incus5, Mac was one of the leading Enterprise Architects at World Wide Technology and participated in leading delivery for several of WWT’s large signature enterprise customers. Within this role, he personally managed a Cloud Native Development group of 35 offshore individuals, consisting of 4 full stack development teams. Prior to his work at World Wide Technology, Mac worked in the software development field for 18+ years and held roles, such as Product Manager, Software Architect, Development Lead, and Senior Development Specialist.

Outside of the office, Mac is happily married to his best friend and is a father of four beautiful children. He enjoys golfing, camping, hiking, playing strategy games, and spending time with his dogs. He is fluent in Spanish and loves travelling abroad to experience new sights, exotic foods, and various cultural traditions. As the oldest of 7 children, leadership and responsibility are qualities that have come naturally from a young age. His passion for technology has been passed down to his younger brothers, who have also thrived in the IT field. He maintains his brotherly mentor status by hosting monthly family get-togethers, game nights, and holiday celebrations at his home.

Bill McKeen

Chief Operations Officer

With more than twenty-two years of Project Management experience, William McKeen brings passion and drive to Incus5 as the Chief Operations Officer. He has created a unique, innovative offshore development model which revolutionizes project management in the IT industry. William prides himself on his ability to build genuine connections with his clients and always strives to listen and understand their needs and meet them proactively. He continually works to further Incus5’s stellar reputation by his impeccable work ethic and enthusiasm for achievement. Integral to the day-to-day operations of Incus5, William holds his development teams to the same high level of excellence and delivers unmatched results.

William graduated with a bachelor’s degree of Computer Science and is Project Management Professional (PMP) certified. Prior to Incus5, he was the senior program/project manager for World Wide Technology where he managed large-scale, multi-million-dollar projects for four years. He has extensive experience directly managing teams of all sizes and always strives to exceed customer satisfaction in every circumstance.

While William’s desire for hard work is unmatched, he makes it a point to prioritize time with his supporting wife, Jennifer as well as his two amazing children, five incredible stepchildren and two vivacious grandsons. William finds a balance to his productivity by vacationing in Ventura and Sedona and working out in the gym. He comes from an extremely close-knit family who loves board game marathons, racquetball tournaments and get-aways to their cabin. He exemplifies the values passed down to him of hard work, respect and living life to the fullest.

“Two things a CEO absolutely must get right today are speed and direction. Speed is required because if you can’t bring something new or improved to market fast, your chance of being slammed by an exogenous factor is enormous. But you can’t go fast without being sure of your direction, and the only way to validate direction is to get and interpret real customer data. Our Structured Ideation & Prototyping Sprint is modeled after a process perfected at Google, and it is quite simply the fastest way to validate direction, period. Within two weeks of asking key questions to create and build working prototypes using existing structures, new enhancements, and real data, we can get your team to a strong “go” or “no-go” on a new idea or future improvements to an existing one.”
– Art Hansen

“Incus5 is a purpose-driven, detail-oriented company built to do the work of a Digital Transformation. We do this by understanding who you are and what is important to you from a tech perspective with our Rapid Validation & Design Sprint (RVDS). Our RVDS is a prescriptive, two-week process dedicated to defining direction, making decisions, and building validated, executable designs with real customer data and prototyping. This process was developed at Google and later perfected at Google Ventures. There are five guiding principles that we have established to govern our development work together, and they are represented by the 5 in Incus5. They are: Alignment, Asset Integration, UX Elevation, Data Connection and Retirement of Technology Debt. Following these principles, we work to understand your business, design processes that support your digital goals, and work along side you in building digital platforms that truly make a difference. Give us a call and let’s get to work.”
– Mac McKeen

The Team

The world of technology moves at a staggering pace. That’s why we approach our work and the people we hire differently than most. We focus on intelligence versus the traditional skills attainment model, valuing highly intelligent people that can learn and adapt quickly. Individuals who can dive deep enough into a new technology and leverage it in creative ways help Incus5 stand out from the traditional boutique development firm.

In our development work, we take a humble approach by looking to open-source projects, public cloud providers, and application vendors that can provide new solutions, services, and new features. This allows us to focus on integrating these services and features to build differentiation into your digital platforms. Doing this saves you development costs, allows you to stay close to the innovation curve, and adds value to your digital platform as others improve their underlying components