Increasingly folks want to build applications with other SaaS apps while keeping their branding, user experience and data. Incus5 products are available as white label solutions with your branding customized with our white gloves services including supported 24/7.

Enterprise Scheduling

Provides white labeled scheduling that is administered by the organization rather than the individual. It is offered as a SaaS subscription with custom business rules and a white glove implementation. It manages calendars cross organization so you can schedule complex multiparty meetings with dozens of organizations.

Simple Service Desk

Provides you with a simple, clean, and user-friendly customer service desk. This turn-key solution can be integrated into existing solutions and/or used as a standalone platform for customer service.

Telematics Sync Service (TSS)

Telematics Sync Service (TSS) provides a consistent view between your Rental/ERP system and fleet management in Trackunit. It automatically creates and updates group memberships based on equipment status and rental assignment so you can manage telematics just like your rental system.