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Tundo Products provide the building blocks that are foundational for digitizing business processes. Tundo Data brings data together. Tundo Work & Tundo Scheduling bring people together. Combining the most important elements for digital success, people, and data, make the Tundo family of products key building blocks to build powerful digital platforms.

Tundo Data

Tundo Data is a solution that readily integrates across numerous applications and manages data.

Tundo Data is a building block essential for the construction of Digital Platforms that maximizes the use of leading Cloud Services and Open Source projects.

Highly efficient, Tundo Data increases the velocity of innovation driving data Integration.

Mode of Distribution: SaaS

Tundo Work

Tundo Work is a workflow engine which federates approval processes into a single interface, where all company approvals are acted upon.

This highly effective solution minimizes the delay of human approvals in an otherwise digital experience bringing the contexts and data necessary to make an approval decision together in an intuitive user interface.

Mode of Distribution: Mobile App and SaaS

Tundo Scheduling

Tundo Scheduling tackles the difficult problem of coordinating people’s time and availability across multiple companies, time-zones, and event types as a service that can be seamlessly integrated into any customized solution.

This solution is transformative, providing optimal functionality with white labeled distribution that can be used with any application.

Mode of Distribution: SaaS

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