Product Companies

Customer Integrations

Most product companies (OEMs), whether SaaS or Hardware, want to be valued as high margin business, but their customers need lower margin integration work. Incus5 does integration work competently and quickly, while representing your companies’ strengths.
Once your product is integrated with the customer, other systems customer retention, customer satisfaction, and Net Promotor scores go up

Marketplace Items

The SaaS delivery model means software can be more easily maintained, updated, and improved, but it has also created hundreds of silos that are not integrated.
Strong OEM & SaaS have added compatible software components in the marketplaces. These 3rd party integrations increase the value of their brand and provide customers with more functionality.

Operations Portals

Operations Portals streamline your processes by combining data, applications, and people to get work done more efficiently. Operation Portals free up the time of the most valuable employees, so they can focus on innovation, improve the user experience, add new markets, and use cases. A well-designed Operations Portal will improve employee satisfaction, resulting in better retention.

Coding Your Stuff

We can code to your standards on your systems to supplement your dev teams. We have a wide variety of engagement models to suit your preferences. We think of this as our wholesale business, where we help product companies get their roadmap changes into their products faster. Often this relationship is multifaceted, with Incus5 helping with integration work with your software as a partner, and software development work as a contractor on your platforms. See TECH SPECS for more on our approach to software development.

Demos and Case Studies

Available on request