One Stop can be created for various constituent types. Taxpayers, Residents and Businesses users are common users of One Stop Portals. A portal is a web site with login exposes content based upon username and role. A one stop for any agency would provide a self-service portal to do most everything that could be done in person at that same agency. One-stops can also span several agencies, consolidating workflow and eliminating duplication data entry.

Decision Support Portal

Famously, Jim Barksdale, formerly CEO Netscape, said “if we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.” For data to be actionable, it must be rich, clean, and clear. Rich meaning it needs to come from various sources for sources; clean meaning accurate; and clear meaning it is so understandable it causes action.

Operations Portals

Operations Portals streamline processes by combining data, applications, and people to get work done more efficiently. Operation Portals free up time of the most valuable employees, so they can concentrate on innovated ways to accomplish mission and better serve their constituents. A well-designed Operations Portal will improve employee satisfaction, resulting in better retention.

Demos and Case Studies

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