Case Study: Productivity Portal


Can we integrate Trackunit telematics into our Return Process to turn over equipment faster & resolve damage issues faster?


⦁ Equipment would be returned with damage that was not discovered until after inspection. These inspections were not done in a timely manner, and the company was unable to recover damages from customers.

⦁ Secondary problem was that until this process was complete equipment was not available for rental, losing revenue, or even in some cases customers who needed faster availability of equipment.


Portal that brings all relevant information together to facilitate getting equipment inspected and ready for rent quickly. On return to the yard, telematics equipment crossed the yard geofence. Inspection teams knew instantly the equipment was there for inspection. Receiving, Maintenance, Accounting has their relevant views, while management had a dashboard to ensure SLAs were achieved.






Productivity portal that streamlines the Rental Return process. Portal that brings together receiving, accounting & maintenance information into a single location. Turnover of equipment went from 1 – 2 weeks average down to 1 – 2 days on average


Ability to provide more complete customer communication on potential issues. Improved maintenance procedures for equipment.